Saturday, October 17, 2009

A beautiful evening

Tai loves to go up to the mountains. Last evening she convinced me to go and I am glad we did--it was gorgeous.

Keeping busy...

We are lucky Uncle Sky could come visit us Conference Weekend.
When your baby turns one you can get a free cake from Albertsons. Tai and Tag share the same birthday Oct. 7th so naturally they should share the same cake.

Tai wanted this Tinkerbell outfit for her birthday instead of the bike we were going to get her. It was so funny listening to how she really thought she would be able to fly. I was then sad seeing her disappointment and not understanding why she couldn't fly. "...but I have wings".

Sometimes Tag will wrestle this bear. Super cute.

Updating the blog is down on the list of priorities lately. Since I work now, it seems that my only free time is after the kids go to bed around 9:00. That's really when my day begins (at least my time alone begins). So, to my 3 readers of this blog, I apologize. Hey, I'm not complaining. I get to do what I love--be a mom and coach gymnastics. If only I could incorporate overseas travel every so often I would have the perfect life.

"There just aren't enough hours in a day" I have heard others say. This has never been me until now, and I like it.

This weekend Mark went to Shampoo-Banana. That's what the locals call Champaign-Urbana where the University of Illinois is located. He has to go to campus once a semester to meet in person with his professors and classmates. So far so good. He has only been lost one time so far compared to about 15 last time he was there in July. I am truly proud of him. He is becoming quite the traveler. He changed planes 2 times to get to Chicago and then had to find the right shuttle station and shuttle, he then met up with a total stranger who was hosting him for the night via Then he had to find where his classes were being held in random buildings on a huge campus. Then he had to find and walk to his hotel. Tomorrow he must find the right bus to the train station, take the train back to Chicago, (where at this point last July he almost go ran over by a bus), find a taxi to take him to another hotel then a shuttle to the airport the next morning. Whew! I find that kind of travel exhilarating, but for someone who is legally blind with Aspergers it is a lot to handle. That is why I am proud of him. He made it back in one piece last time and so far so good this time.