Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Home life and bloody noses

We have discovered that Tag's favorite person is Tai. Tai will say a silly word or dance around and can always make Tag laugh and sometimes belly laugh. It is so cute!

Here we were just playing around with the camera and I decided this is pretty typical...me trying to get Tai to do something and Tai just laughing in my face. Its either that or she throws a tantrum. Tai and I have similar temperments so sometimes it is quite a struggle. There are times though that she is an absolute angel and cleans her whole room without being asked or replying "Ok, momma I will obey you Ok?" when I ask her to do something. I love those times.

Good buds.

Tai picks out all her own outfits (several a day). Most the time they are quite adorable and she puts together things I never would have thought of. For the last several months I have not been able to get her to wear pants--she must wear a dress because she is a girl.
The other day she came out of the office with blood everywhere, all over her face, shirt and arms. She has never had a bloody nose before so I asked her what happened after I cleaned her up and she said she stuck a drum stick up her nose. I wish I could've seen that :)
In other news..........I found the camera! I was looking for something to wear on Sunday that actually fits me which brought me to the back of the closet where I never go and there is was. So now I can't decide which camera to keep.

Friday, February 13, 2009

On this day, 7 years ago...

...I met Mark Elias Tabla. Do you know the story? 7 years ago today Feb. 13th we went on a blind date. Mark's sister Dawn who I worked with at All-American Gymnastics said that she could get me tickets to the "Light of the World" production up in Salt Lake at the time of the 2002 Olympics. I knew exactly who in my single's ward I wanted to invite, later however, Dawn told me she had forgotten that she had told her brother that he could have the tickets, so she asked me if perhaps we could go together. I was only a little disappointed and when she told me that her brother "was blind but a good converstaion" I suddenly forgot all about that other boy and became really excited. What could be more cool then a date with a blind person? So a few days later I picked him up and we drove to Murray, got on the trax to go the rest of the way to the conference center for the show. Here are some things I remember about that night: 1. I didn't know if I needed to guide him or let him do it on his own or whatever... I ended up holding onto his arm most the time and kind of guiding him...and liking it. 2. I was disappointed when I discovered he wasn't 100% blind and didn't need me to do that 3. It was the coldest night of my life 4. We heard the "Bare Naked Ladies" playing a concert in the background and when I told Mark who it was he got really embarrassed (because of their name) 5. We did have a good conversation the whole time. 6. We had hot chocolate at Krispy Creme after and then I took him to work (he worked night stock at Macy's grocery). 7. I remember feeling so refreshed going out with someone not like anyone else, so distant from the world, so innocent. He was intelligent, spiritual and not part of "the game" that I was so tired of. I had felt an instant connection with Mark that is hard to describe, like I knew this was not the end. It wasn't "I hope we end up together" but just a feeling inside me somewhere that said that we would.

This picture was after the production as we were walking around temple square. A sister missionary offered to take our picture.

We got engaged in July and this is sometime after that.

This is when we were dating.

One of the joys of my life since I met Mark is getting him to do "firsts". I have a list of over a hundred things that he has done for the first time with me. Our first blind date together was actually his first date ever. This picture shows when I got him to wear shorts for the first time, first time wearing a T-shirt outside (he only owned 1), first time with no socks and first time wearing a hat. I know this is hard to believe--but true.

First time riding a horse. We went to Nauvoo with my family and Mark was able to come with us. May 2002
I am so grateful for that day 7 years ago that brought us together. I am so proud of his efforts and growth. He is truly an amazing man with a noble spirit. I couldn't ask for a better husband and father to our children. He is an example to me in every way. I love you Mug!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mom, this one's for you.

My mom likes the videos, so this one is for her.

(sorry Mark...don't mean to embarrass you)

replacement camera

Looks like the old camera is lost forever so we got a pawn shop replacement. Here are some pics:

Mark and Tag after church.

Don't you think he looks like a little boy here, not a baby?

Tai spent some time splashing in the rain puddles.

My hard working husband usually leaves for work before 7:00am and doesn't get home until about 6:30pm. On this rare occasion, after work, he was able to listen to a symphany all the way through (his passion is classical music). As a bonus, he was able to spend some quiet time with Tag.