Saturday, December 5, 2009



We haven't taken many pictures in the last month. Here is an update on everyone.

Tag- takes 5-6 steps at a time. 70% of the time he crawls, the other 30 he walks. He just got over being sick and got 7 shots this week. It was heartbreaking. Tag is a happy, laid back kid who is constantly on the move. It is a hard stage for getting anything out of church when we have to chase him all over the halls for 3 hours.

Tai- She got her hair cut. I still need to take a picture. She now has short bangs all the way across. She has been really sweet lately and loves to play with her brother. She gets really bored at home since its too cold to play outside. She enjoys and watching old movies with her dad. She also loves going to pre-school. Her favorite food is spinach. No joke. The other night she was in bed and let me know she was still hungry, I asked what she wanted and she said, "4 leaves of spinach, spinach is my favorite food!"

Mark- is a really good stay at home dad. He takes good care of the kids, feeds them, changes more diapers than me now, and even cleans. He is finishing up his classes from U. of Illinois for this semester. He is excited about a class he gets to take next semester in music librarianship.

Me- I made my first Thanksgiving Turkey. It was too moist for my taste. Everyone else liked it though. I am keeping busy coaching gymnastics and getting ready for our season to start. I enjoy my family and watching them grow.