Thursday, December 2, 2010

Rollin' along

Tatum is getting too big too quick. She started eating rice cereal this week and loves it. She can roll, and sit already. It is going by too fast.
We love our little Tag. He is addicted to candy and Thomas the Train. The first words coming out of his mouth when he first opens his eyes in the morning "candy". He's got the beginnings of a mad unibrow too--love it.

Tai got an 80's cabbage patch bike for her birthday. It is great. It's the kind where the tires don't go flat. She finally learned how to ride WITH training wheels. You can see her rolling along at an angle--its funny.

This was Halloween night. We had the HUGEST hail storm. I was afraid for my life for about 2.5 seconds. That tricycle is Tag's Birthday present. He loves it.

Both Tai and Tag request to hold Tatum several times a day. It is very cute. When Tag holds her he gets real serious and sweet and flutters his eyelashes.

Tag took this picture. Tatum's hair now goes flat most of the time because it is growing. I like the hair sticking up better.

This was halloween. Two tigers and a bear. We got one tiger costume at DI then the very next day we received a package from my mom who sent a Tiger costume for Tag for his B-day. So we squeezed Tai into the DI one. After the Hail storm I did take Tag and Tai trick or treating around the block and they got a modest amount of candy in which I ate a good amount :) I never understood how some kids can keep their candy for months (Mikelle).