Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Irresponsible me!

I can only be responsible for so much!  I have my limit, so I choose not to get stressed out over some particular things that I think really annoy other people.  Here is a list of things I tend not to stress over because I choose to worry about other things instead.

1.  Phone-  I do not have an iphone or expensive phone which I love because then I can let Truman play with it and keep him content.  The problem is he drops it in the craziest places I don't think to look.  I also have a very hard time keeping my phone on me which means I rarely answer the phone.  I'm sorry everyone!   But I don't have many people call me anyway.  As a matter of fact, I survived over a month without my phone when it was lost.  (I found it in a boot in the back of a closet I rarely go in). I'm glad I didn't get a new phone or a new plan.  We pre-pay so no big deal.

2.  Money-  Although I am now in charge of the bills and stay on top of that. I could care less about petty cash laying around.  I like not not keeping track of it because then I am always pleasantly surprised when I find it again.  This drives Mark CRAZY!  So I keep doing it because its one of the few things that bugs him and everyone needs to be bugged by something :)

3.  Puzzle and game pieces-  My motto is when you want to find something don't look for it just start cleaning and you'll find a whole bunch of stuff.  I wish Mark lived by this motto.  He will spend way  to long looking for things.  I have had to institute the 5 min. rule.  Never spend more than 5 min. looking for anything.  Mark would have loved growing up in our house.  For some reason, we never lost any game pieces.

and last and most recent...
4. camera-  its a cheap camara and I thought I left it on top of the car then drove away.  That was my theory.  3 weeks later I found it in a diaper bag!  But in the mean time we got a tad bit better camera.  Yay!  I feel like a good photographer even though I will never take the time to learn all the functions :)

here are some recent pics:

Tai's gymnastics team

Sleeping Beauty

Afternoon fun in the mountains: