Thursday, April 17, 2014

His name is Thomas!

Thomas was born on Passover, a lunar eclipse and a blood moon.  This is very rare to happen all on the same night!  Thus, his middle name is Pascal- meaning born on Passover.  It was an eerie night, the moon was noted on my way to the hospital at 3:45 am and consequently there was much howling in the hospital that night.  It is hard to describe but it made me smile to hear other women go through what I just went through...  so anyway when I got to the hospital I was already dilated to a nine, yikes!  I delivered him at 4:21am.

 To me, Thomas looks more like me and my dad than any of my other kids do (however this particular pictures does look like my other kids).  There is a dimple in the chin and a line down the middle of the nose.  He is also a sneezer.  Uh, oh.  I already know what his life is going to be like:)
 All my newborns have had a lot of hair, but only Thomas has been blonde.
Mark made it to the hospital just in time.  Probably 2 minutes before I pushed him out.  I guess on your fifth child they kinda just fall out because pushing took a gentle 2 pushes, one minute later--done.   Is this too much information?  Sorry about that!

I am home now and am glad to be out of there!  I was going crazy and missing my kids for 2 days.