Monday, October 27, 2008

Pics from the week

Meadow came down from SLC one evening to hang out
Tai and dad are eating their dinner outside per Tai's request

If Talmage is being held then Tai must be held too.

Our cute little Tag

Halloween's com'n...

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Talmage Elias Tabla
(5 days old)
I got a bunch of big purple splotches on my face after the delivery, I guess I am a champion pusher.

Meadow and Talmage
Grandma was able to come on Thursday and help us. Thank goodness for that. Thanks Mom!I was right, I did have the baby that day, well actually the next morning at 8:10 am. October 7th. So now Tai and Talmage have the same birthday! Our cute little guy that looks exactly like Tai looked when she was born weighed 7 lbs. 11 oz. and is 21 inches. We are blessed that Talmage is healthy and everything went great with the labor and delivery. His full name is Talmage Elias Tabla. The only negative is that I separated my symphysis or something like that so it is very difficult and painful to walk. I have to use a walker! and I don't know how long it will take to heal. But at least we have a healthy baby boy.

Monday, October 6, 2008

fun filled weekend

On Saturday Tai had a birthday party at the gym. She invited all of her cousins and a couple of friends. Here is a picture of Tai with two of her nursery friends. She had the time of her life.

My mom and dad came up for my dad's mission reunion. They were able to visit us for a day. We went up the canyon to aspen grove and saw all the beautiful colors of the changing leaves. They were hoping I would have my baby while they were in town, but alas we were all disappointed.

Now this is a better picture of the reality of my belly. Here we are at the Wildflower Inn

October conference is my favorite weekend in the world. Listening to conference is better to me than Christmas. Also, Mark and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary on Saturday. A few weeks ago we took a 24 hour retreat to Salt Lake and went to the symphony and stayed at a little bed and breakfast that smelled like a grandma's house. They made the best breakfast I have ever had. The most delicious belgian waffle with fresh peaches on top. We also went out to eat at the Red Iguana and it was fabulous. We visited the Capitol this time instead of Temple Square since we have been there a hundred times. All in all it was such a refresher for both of us especially Mark since he has been working like a maniac.

The pledge of allegiance

I was just sitting here at the computer and in the background I heard Tai saying some familiar words. I had no idea she knew the pledge of allegiance, well, almost. Yeah for pre-school! I guess that is where she learned it.

C'mon already

Everyday I think today is the day I will have my baby. It never happens. But Today really is the day... so I'm just waiting for more pain to accompany the hundreds of contractions I am having... I guess I will post some pictures...

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

All about Tai, our almost 3 year old.

First I will name the qualities Tai has that take after me:

1. Independent- I am grateful for this, she insists on doing everything on her own

2. Controlling- She has to have everything just the way she likes it, even down to what we say

3. Demanding- She wants it...

4. Impatient-!

5. Coordinated- She can do handstands against the wall, headstands on her own, can catch ball

6. Timid in public, the opposite at home- loud and unreserved at home, covers her eyes in public until she gets comfortable with the situation (3 months)

7. Always knows exactly what she wants

8. Good sense of direction (she always knows where she is)- "hey look mom, there is so-and-so's house". How did she know that?

Here are the qualities she has that take after Mark:

1. Great memory- watch out, Tai will remember random things from a year ago in vivid detail

2. Verbally advanced- she has a better vocabulary than me, but I guess thats not saying too much

3. Has Mark's taste buds/loves vegetables and adult foods

4. A little cautious at first (differs somewhat from Mark because he is greatly cautious always)

5. Smart- Tai can spell and write her name forward, backwards and upsidedown. She knows all her letters and the sounds they make.

Here are some of Tai's favorite things to do

1. Change her clothes a hundred times a day

2. Get into her leotard and do gymnastics- her favorite is bars and she loves to be upsidedown

3. Play catch

4. Cook

5. Clean

6. Go to Baseball games- we went to several Orem Owls games this summer. Fun!

7. Sing by herself when she thinks no one is listening

8. Climb trees

9. Draw on her chalk board and paint with water colors

10. Play chess with dad- she knows how to identify all the pieces and where they go but not the moves yet

11. Go to other peoples houses- she doesn't like being cooped up in our house.

12. Cut up magazines