Saturday, June 21, 2014

Fathers Day

For Fathers Day we packed a dinner and headed to the "mountains".  We had a very enjoyable time with the perfect weather and a nice walk observing the beautiful landscape.  I brought the hunky camera and actually got a couple decent shots at least for my standards.

 Happy Fathers Day DAD!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Camera convenience

I think it might be time to turn in the old flip phone and get a phone with a decent camera so I can document our life a little easier.  Right now I have to get out the big camera from its case and go to where ever we are to take a picture.  If we ever go anywhere do I really want to lug around the big camera in its big case with all the other stuff I have to carry?  Absolutely not.  So, my documentation has suffered and now my kids will never know what there childhood was really like.

Here are some recent photos.  Not of our fun trip to New Mexico to visit Mikelle and her family, no photos of that.  Just some pics when the kids were in the same room as the camera.

 Thomas is now 6 weeks old.

 This is about 2 weeks ago so middle of May.  Above he looks like Thomas E. Wright.  Ha, Ha.