Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fun with markers

On Sunday I found Tai painting her toe nails with permanant marker. Later I found that she had written her name on her arm. Beautiful. She knows not to do it but just can't help herself. I said "Is writing on yourself good or bad? She said, "bad". I said,"Why", she said, "because our bodies are temples". I made her attempt to wash it all off and then put her in time out. 2 hours happened again. I guess I made it too easy by forgetting to put up the markers. Plus, I couldn't hold back my laughter when I saw it for the first time, which probably made her do it again. I've got a lot to learn!


I was so happy when I found this plastic egg with pop rocks inside up in the cupboard. Who knows how long it was in there! After trying some myself, I knew I wanted to see Mark have some. If you know Mark, you know he would never in a million years put something like this in is mouth on his own. Even as a kid he just does not do this type of thing. He doesn't even chew gum. I'm glad I thought of catching a video of it...

I get so much happiness from watching Mark experience things for the first time.:)

Friday, September 5, 2008

Well this is interesting. I wanted to take a picture of my belly to show just how huge it is and for once the camara took off 40 pounds. I don't get it cause in real life I am seriously 3X bigger. I'm due in October and have never weighed so much in my life! Today I actually got the urge to get in shape (these urges don't come that often in my recent life). After the baby, I think I might make a come back to the great sport of gymnastics :) and follow in my hero Oksana Chusovita's footsteps. (I picked her as my favorite gymnast after the 1990 goodwill games, which I watched on video literally everyday for years to come, and lo and behold she is still going strong just competing in her 5th olympics. This is unheard of in gymnastics!, no, I don't think you understand, this is unbelievable!)


Tai started preschool this week. She is wearing Mark's backpack that is bigger than her. I'm too cheap to buy a little one for her. Sorry Tai. She is the youngest one in her class of mostly 4 year olds. She absolutely LOVES it! She comes home wired telling me all about it and is in the best mood ever for hours. I don't think she has ever been so happy for so long. If you know Tai, you know she is moody (like her mom). Only one pitfall is that she doesn't want to take a nap now.

day trip

Today Tai and I took a little trip up the Sundance ski lift. I was a little nervous taking Tai, but she wasn't the least bit concerned. It was great. Nice weather... a little chilly at the top. We ate cantaloupe and went for a small hike at the top. Tai didn't want to leave.