Sunday, September 5, 2010

Here's to August part 2

Tatum in her dainty dress from yesteryear complete with bonnet

At a nearby farm

A morning stretch

The Kangaroo at the farm

Fun with the hose in the backyard

Here's to August

A nice sunday afternoon walk in a makeshift triple seater

There is a farm near our house. The kids love to see the chickens, pigs, horses, llamas, bulls, ostriches and a Kangaroo. Its awesome.

My sweet girls

Tag prefers to make his own sandwiches which he doesn't eat. Our picky eater will pretty much only eat oatmeal and french fries. I don't know how he is alive.

This has happened more than once. Tatum is our easiest baby so far. Here is one example--when this happened to Tai when she was a baby she would scream her head off, with Tatum she barely makes a peep.