Sunday, February 27, 2011

Finally...some pictures

Here is our handsome dude from 2 days ago Tai before....
...and after


a little fort Tai made for Tatum

Tai planned a day to be twins with Tag. They enjoyed this very much. Our family went to Las Vegas because I coached a meet there. And what do you know, my parents just happened to be in LasVegas the same weekend. It was jolly good fun. They were kind enough to watch our kids while Mark and I went to see TOWER OF POWER--my second favorite band in the world. (See 2 posts ago). That makes February 2011 the best month ever with being able to see #1 and #2 favorite bands in the same month.

Here we are at the Mandalay Bay escalator. We were planning on going to their famous aquarium but weren't counting on it costing us $40 bucks to get in, so instead we rode the escalator up and down like 10 times. We all ended up happy.

Here is our precious little Tatum. She brings such sweetness to our family.

Ohp, here is our family portrait during Christmas time. All matching, how cute.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Strap Bar

I did strap bar about 2 hours ago. Just 4 giants is all and boy am I feeling it now. My neck, my upper back. I'm really scared about waking up tomorrow to the pain that awaits me.

p.s.- I'm sorry about not posting pictures yet this year. I am trying to find the cord thing that goes to my camera to hook up to the computer. But just so you know, my kids are still really cute if I do say so myself :)