Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I think we are all in shock...

I think we are all in shock.  I predicted Obama would win (likely by fraud or is the majority of our country really this unaware or perhaps more rightly not God-fearing) , but I was really hoping Romney would pull it off. I can't believe we are really going to live through 4 more years.  Not that Romney would have saved or fixed everything but at least he would have given us a little more time to prepare.  I really like what Glenn is saying right now on the radio..."what is the country? It is not states on a map.  It is the constitution.  Your country is the constitution so don't give up on it.  We must concentrate on saving the constitution.  THE CONSTITUTION NOW AND FOREVER!"

Things in our country and in the world have been bad and they are going to continue to get worse but we are not of the world.  We can have peace within.  Let us grow stronger and stronger in faith and humility.  Let us take the Holy Spirit as our guide and build ZION in our hearts.  Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.  Let us put our trust in God and He will be our protection.  We are headed for some very trying times, but let us not be discouraged.  Let us trust in the Almighty and allow Him to refine us into the people he needs to usher in the coming of our Lord.  I believe the time is not far distant.  Let us prepare every needful thing.

Now you are really shock that I would actually write these things on my blog!

Some photos to lighten the mood a little:

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Summertime fun

 Marks Grandma Landis from North Carolina came to visit this summer.  It was wonderful to see her and I am so glad the kids got to meet their great grandmother.  She has such a strong mind and a righteous spirit.

 What is summer without ice cream melting all over your face....

 We have had quite a few picnics this summer.  Nowadays the request is always coming from Tag.

 I caught this double rainbow as I was driving to pick up Mark from work.  It was much more pretty in person.

 Me and the Truman Show hanging out at a baseball game waiting for the much anticipated fireworks.  Which 2 kids do you think ended up crying?

 Getting kind of chubby...and this was about a month ago.

 Tai put this shot together and yelled for me to get the camera.  They were all excited to show me this pose.

 After a week long Brazilian camp, Tai and her class put together a show for the parents that included Portuguese songs, games and dance called Capoeira.  This camp was a prelude to her Portuguese immersion program she will be in all the way through at least 6th grade.  I talked to her Brazilian teacher (in Portuguese) a bit at parent teacher conference and I just nodded like I knew what she was saying... quite a familiar feeling :)

 I thought this was a rather cute shot of my hubby with his monocular trying to follow what was going on at Tai's performance.

Dinner at the park.

The answer to the 2 crying kids was Tag and Tatum.

Hopefully I will post somemore soon with more recent stuff.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

The busiest month of my life comes to an end

With Tai in gymnastics and softball, and Tag in preschool and both of them in swimming lessons.  With me working twice a day (3 in the morning and 4 at night), developing a new program at work, and taking/picking up Mark from work everyday, nursing a newborn, pumping in every spare minute, and dealing with Tatum who is definitely showing her "terrible two's".  I don't know how I made it through this month.  I know that being busy is normal for all of you out there.  But for me, it is just not my style.  I don't like being busy.  The less committed, the better.  But now, luckily, things are settling down. 

Meadow came down for Mark's birthday on Thursday.

 Mikelle got these boys the cutest matching outfits!
 I think I am getting tired of these stupid couches in the background of all our pictures.
 Last Sunday after church

 We went down to AZ when Isaac got back from his mission in Ecuador.

 Grandpa Tom, Mark and Truman

Shawnie did Tai's hair so cute!  This is at a restaurant we went to after we took family pictures at Target.  I like the background.
 Tag helping out in the kitchen
 Truman right after his bath
 Truman on his blessing day.  A friend made his blessing outfit.

These guys took a nap like this for about an hour.

Tai plays outside all day long, she loves it, she has many neighborhood friends and loves to swim at our pool, she just learned how to swim by herself on Friday.  Tag is more of an indoor boy, he will go outside occasionally and does like to swim too, but he prefers indoors and learning about dinosaurs.  He will come up to me and tell me all about an Ornythomymus and its characteristics.  Tatum is a wild child and enjoys taking off her clothes including diaper and seeing how long it takes for me to discover her.  She also enjoyes writing all over the walls and her naked self with markers and crayons that Tai forgets to put away.  Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser really works!!  Truman is a good baby for the most part, except for his fussy time from about 9-1 every night.  I am really enjoying having a newborn and hope to have 5 more!:)   

Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Beautiful Mother

This is the face of a beautiful mother.  And this is what makes her beautiful, I can sum it up in one sentence...  I have never come across anybody who thinks of themself less and of others more.  This is something I highly value and most admire.  She gives and sacrifices her time, her means, her thoughts her everything to her children, family, neighbors, friends, acquaintences and those she doesn't even know. And she does this being the busiest person I know.  When someone is in need, she is there to fill that need and never needs to be asked.  She just recognizes it and just does it.  I am realizing that not everyone acts this way.  I certainly will never be able to live up to it, and although I leisurely aspire to be as selfless as my mother, right now I know I am just too selfish. 

Even though her acts of selfless love have in large measure gone unnoticed, it gives me comfort to know that her sacrifices have most certainly been recognized by God.  He knows of her beauty and one day she will be richly rewarded.   For giving everything she had to her selfish children who don't and can't possibly appreciate her the way she deserves.  Thank you mom for giving your all.  I am only just beginning to understand the great woman and mother you are.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Number 4: Truman

On May 1st, we were pleased to greet our new little one.  Weighing 8 lbs 6 oz and 20 inches, born quickly and naturally---how grateful we are for another blessing in our family.

 This is the bed of light that is a treatment for high billiruben/jaundice
eyes wide open

Sunday, March 11, 2012

I found the cord!

happy birthday grandpa gary (a week late)

a few fall photos




All Three