Thursday, December 25, 2014

Scenes from Mexico

Mark and I have started a book recounting our top Ensenada memories.  These are done in Marks distinctive drawing style.  I get a really creative birthday card every year done in this scribbley style--which I look forward to so much.  Anyway, here are the first 3.  If you have any top memory suggestions just leave a comment.

 This one is SEASICK while deep sea fishing.

 Last year at La Bufadora Mark got bombarded by a street vendor selling this coconut drink.  Mark got flustered and didn't know what to say.  So, SAWDEE,  SAWDEE  were the words coming out of his mouth.  You know like sorry with a Mexican accent.  You could see the conflict in his mind, not wanting to be rude but trying to get out of there.


Who could forget when Marlene encountered a naked man on the beach.  I believe she started talking to him but then realized too late that he was naked.  Awkward.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas Everyone!

The only reason I am posting tonight is so my parents have something new to look at of our family on Christmas since we were unable to make it to AZ this year.  So Mom and Dad...I hope you have a wonderful Christmas even though your favorite family is not there.  Actually, we all know the truth... everyone is breathing a sigh of relief from not having to deal with me and my HUMBUGH! this year.

 Thomas is such a happy baby.  Nothing seems to bother him too much.  His brother Truman likes to pound on him all day a poked eye here, pulled hair, a blow to the face...Thomas just fights back with his own pulling of hair or hitting.  I can NEVER leave those two alone.  Anyway, today I put my glasses on Thomas and I expected him to swat at them and rip them right off.  Nope, instead he just beamed and beamed looking back and forth between Mark and I.  Its almost like he thought he was so funny.
 Sunday I tried my best to take a picture before church but Truman would not stand still as you can see and it took 5 minutes to convince tag to walk 5 steps to where the girls were.  Tag dislikes taking pictures VERY much.

 This is the saddest thing you have ever seen.  Thomas had been sick and gooey in the eyes, so he woke up with his eyes sealed shut.  I don't think he knows what is going on.  Don't worry, immediately after this I wiped his eyes with a wet washcloth and he was fine:)

 Christmas story time with Daddy.

 Sisterly Love
 Peek a boo
Tag and I had a blast with this remote contolled car/airplane.  He is loving this gift.