Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Summertime fun

 Marks Grandma Landis from North Carolina came to visit this summer.  It was wonderful to see her and I am so glad the kids got to meet their great grandmother.  She has such a strong mind and a righteous spirit.

 What is summer without ice cream melting all over your face....

 We have had quite a few picnics this summer.  Nowadays the request is always coming from Tag.

 I caught this double rainbow as I was driving to pick up Mark from work.  It was much more pretty in person.

 Me and the Truman Show hanging out at a baseball game waiting for the much anticipated fireworks.  Which 2 kids do you think ended up crying?

 Getting kind of chubby...and this was about a month ago.

 Tai put this shot together and yelled for me to get the camera.  They were all excited to show me this pose.

 After a week long Brazilian camp, Tai and her class put together a show for the parents that included Portuguese songs, games and dance called Capoeira.  This camp was a prelude to her Portuguese immersion program she will be in all the way through at least 6th grade.  I talked to her Brazilian teacher (in Portuguese) a bit at parent teacher conference and I just nodded like I knew what she was saying... quite a familiar feeling :)

 I thought this was a rather cute shot of my hubby with his monocular trying to follow what was going on at Tai's performance.

Dinner at the park.

The answer to the 2 crying kids was Tag and Tatum.

Hopefully I will post somemore soon with more recent stuff.