Sunday, October 31, 2010


We live right next to huge pumpkin patches. They are quite the sight! Before we moved here I had never seen them except for in "It's the great pumpkin Charlie Brown". which by the way we love here at our house. We have decided that Mark is so Charlie Brown and I am so Lucy. Anyway, we got to pick our pumpkin from the patch this year instead of from Walmart. They also had a hay maze, a corn "sandbox", and animals to pet.

This looks like a painting but it is a photo I snapped when I took the kids on a drive on the Nebo Loop. It was astoundingly beautiful. It was deserted too, so kinda spooky to be up there by ourselves. I loved every second of this drive.

Before we took off for our trip we went to the Big Red Barn and had their famous ice cream, and bought some homeade blackberry jam.

I just noticed I didn't have any pictures of the 3 kids together so here you go.

The kids loved the fountain at Temple Square. We spent some time walking around and even got through 20 min. of the Joseph Smith movie before having to come out due to restlessness. We were waiting for Mark to come out of his interview for an internship with the Church History Library.

This pretty much sums up Tatum's blessing. It's rare when this girl cries, so I was sad when she screamed the whole way through. Too bad I didn't hear anything that was said. I'm glad my friend did though and took notes.

We were so excited when Mikelle's family came up to Utah (for the first time I might add). For Tai and Tag's Birthday we went to the Amazing Pizza Kitchen. We went for lunch then did a bunch of activities there like race cars, glow in the dark golf, laser tag, bumper cars, arcade games and kiddie rides. My highlight was watching Mark drive the race cars...we were all nervous to say the least... we had a good laugh when we were screaming for Mark to hit the brake and he honking the horn was hitting the brakes, but he got the hang of it by the end and did great.

The Birthday Buddies. Oct. 7th 2005 and 2008.

What a gorgeous baby! :)

I can't forget my short trip to AZ for a gymnastics clinic. I was able to see Finley (Luke and Shawnie's newborn). He looks just like Luke and cries just like Tatum. It was fun to see everyone.
Cute great-grandpa Tom. (with Tatum in the swing, and Finley's being held)

Tomorrow our lives are changing. I will be a single mom of three during the day now because Mark got an internship at the Family History Library working 8 hours a day for a year. We couldn't be more grateful even if it means an hour trip on the bus up and and hour trip back. Let the challenge begin and wish me luck because I really don't think I can do this.

Oh, yah. I forgot to report our incident at the hospital. Tag has asthma and has been getting sick every two weeks for like 3 months now. It is annoying because every time it gets so he can't breathe very well so I have to take him into the doctor and they give him some steroids and breathing treatments to get better and he does by the end of the week, then a week later he is sick again. We finally had to go buy our own nebulizer and do treatments at home. Well, this last time even the breathing treatments were not working so they sent us to the ER. We spent two days and almost 2 nights there. It was a nightmare. He had to be hooked up and monitered everywhere: on his foot, an IV in hand, things on his chest. This is on a boy who throws a tantrum and refuses to wear flip-flops because there is something between his toes and refuses to wear "feet pajamas" because it feels weird. Poor little boy was going absolutely bonkers having to be cooped up to a 3 foot radius for 2 days. Well, I could rant for a very long time about doctors and the ER but then I would get in trouble by my parents so I won't. Plus, I should be grateful for all of the people there making sure my little Tag was OK. and I am.

The End.