Sunday, July 1, 2012

The busiest month of my life comes to an end

With Tai in gymnastics and softball, and Tag in preschool and both of them in swimming lessons.  With me working twice a day (3 in the morning and 4 at night), developing a new program at work, and taking/picking up Mark from work everyday, nursing a newborn, pumping in every spare minute, and dealing with Tatum who is definitely showing her "terrible two's".  I don't know how I made it through this month.  I know that being busy is normal for all of you out there.  But for me, it is just not my style.  I don't like being busy.  The less committed, the better.  But now, luckily, things are settling down. 

Meadow came down for Mark's birthday on Thursday.

 Mikelle got these boys the cutest matching outfits!
 I think I am getting tired of these stupid couches in the background of all our pictures.
 Last Sunday after church

 We went down to AZ when Isaac got back from his mission in Ecuador.

 Grandpa Tom, Mark and Truman

Shawnie did Tai's hair so cute!  This is at a restaurant we went to after we took family pictures at Target.  I like the background.
 Tag helping out in the kitchen
 Truman right after his bath
 Truman on his blessing day.  A friend made his blessing outfit.

These guys took a nap like this for about an hour.

Tai plays outside all day long, she loves it, she has many neighborhood friends and loves to swim at our pool, she just learned how to swim by herself on Friday.  Tag is more of an indoor boy, he will go outside occasionally and does like to swim too, but he prefers indoors and learning about dinosaurs.  He will come up to me and tell me all about an Ornythomymus and its characteristics.  Tatum is a wild child and enjoys taking off her clothes including diaper and seeing how long it takes for me to discover her.  She also enjoyes writing all over the walls and her naked self with markers and crayons that Tai forgets to put away.  Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser really works!!  Truman is a good baby for the most part, except for his fussy time from about 9-1 every night.  I am really enjoying having a newborn and hope to have 5 more!:)