Sunday, May 31, 2009

no readers

Well since I can't seem to find the connecting cord hook up my camera and since I have very few readers I might as well post about some dumb random boring things:

1. I am tired of people using the word "swagger". Its like all of the sudden for the last 6 months or so EVERYONE is using this word. Don't get me wrong, I must admit I do like this word but I do not like everyone using it all the time. about trendy...

2. So, have you had the KIRBY vacuum people come give you a demonstration yet? We did on Saturday... I really didn't think it would take 3 hours either. But there we were at the end of 3 hours actually contemplating getting this incredible machine. I can't believe I was so close to paying thousands of dollars for a vacuum. But it was amazing! It can clean anything--carpets, beds, hardwood, tile, its a duster, a carpet shampooer and to top it all off an air compresser and treated my daughter to a yellow and pink balloon. How could we deny this thing. I must say though what actually got me to consider purchasing was when he demonstrated how it could clean the grout in my kitchen. I had started to think the grout was supposed to be black. But the Kirby turned the black to white. Incredible. Just think what I could do...I could "protect my investment" and make my home new again. Not to mention extend the life of my electronics and furniture (even though the KIRBY costs way more than all of our furniture and electronics put together). But even still, I considered it especially since after minutes of indecision led to reductions off the price little by little... and financing. In the end we could have got it for nearly $1000 cheaper than he first offered, quite a savings. But in those final moments of decision as we were discussing in the other room away from the sales rep, my husband did a very smart thing. He looked it up on ebay where we could get it brand new for 1/3 of the price. I did feel bad saying no after 3 hours of hard work by this guy, but I have to remind myself that HE took the risk and wasted 3 hours of our time too. So, now I am over it and glad we did not purchase... but that was a close one. Rest assured, one day I will buy you KIRBY, just not today.

3. One busy Sunday! Today was quite a busy day for us and I hope next Sunday can be a little more relaxed. Beware, this is really boring, I warn you now. It all started this morning when Mark had a preisthood meeting at 7:00am which meant I was alone in getting the kids ready for church by 9:00. I can do this no faster than 50 min. by myself so when the clock said 8:10 I knew I had to get up that second or I would be late. I met up with Mark on our usual bench (4th from the back on the right side) just as sacrament meeting was starting, complete with 3 big bags and carrying the car seat which weighs at least 100 lb by now. I got released from my calling in the Primary Presidency so it was sort of sad since I have been in over two years and I must say is the best calling ever. Meanwhile, Mark was being sustained as the new Elders Quorum President. It was a full day at church to say the least. When we got home we barely had time to eat some watermelon then I took Mark to choir practice from there he had to see the bishop for something and then went home teaching. He barely made it home in time for me to go visiting teaching (it is the last day of the month you know :) and I barely made it home in time to take him to a Stake Welfare Meeting and immediatly after that I met him back at the church to be there when he got set apart for his new calling. And by the way, that was an incredible experience and he was blessed with some beautiful things. By the time we got home it was around 6:30. We ate somewhat of a dinner and then I had to figure out a babysitter for tomorrow because I am going back to work! Yay for me. I am going to be coaching gymnastics-my favorite hobby in the world for about 4 hours every morning. I guess I'd better go to bed because it has been a tiring day.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Colorful Kids

Everytime I carry Tag down the stairs we walk by Tai's room and when Tag sees it he starts kicking he legs in excitement and leaning towards the door like he wants to go in there. He LOVES to spend time with Tai.

Remember a few days ago when Tai picked the Tulips? Well, this time she and her friend picked the rest of them. UUGH! It made me so mad! We had a nice long discussion about this and put it this way, it won't happen again. (I guess it can't cause they are all picked!) They are beautiful though.

This is just the half of it. Let's just say it was on all parts. Tai obviously found my hiding place for the markers.


Cristiano Ronaldo
Tag's perspective

Today Tag and I were able to enjoy some of a futbol game: Manchester United against Arsenal (on TV). It just so happens Tag had on soccer socks so I had to take a picture and of course that picture led to this post. Anyway, people say that Cristiano Ronoldo is the best player in the world. I have to give a whole hearted YES to that one. Before I even knew who was playing as I flipped to ESPN 2 and saw players running around, one caught my eye with the most incredible moves and finesse like I've never seen in a soccer player. I said to myself- that has got to be Ronaldo, if not, whoever that player is- he will be my number one favorite player. Then 10 seconds later I saw him up close and sure enough-- it was him. If you don't like soccer- watch Ronaldo for a few and you will be a fan. Whether that be a fan of soccer or of Cristiano I don't know but it probably depends on your gender :)
Side note: I do feel a twinge of pride because Ronaldo is from Portugal and like most of you know I served a mission in Portugal. So he is more mine than yours :) (except for Luke- we take equal ownership, although Luke does probably deserve a little more than me say 60% since he was in Portugal during the last world cup (when Portugal was in the semi finals) and has a Ronaldo jersey...