Sunday, September 1, 2013

Ever feel like Job?

No, but maybe just a tiny bit though....
We seem to have had a few trials lately with losing of which was particularly heartbreaking.  You see, we have this never content baby named Truman who is always on the move..he literally can't sit still for more than 8 seconds...we time him all the time.  Anyway, in a moment that we were distracted with something else he jerked our external hard drive out of the computer.  The Trumanator has force and strength like I've never seen and unfortunately terminated it.  What's the big deal right?  Well, Mark was in the process of copying everything to make a back up but had just begun that process.  So, what did we lose?  Everything.  Every picture from when Tai was a baby on up, every document, precious family history interviews with Mark's grandma and the list goes on.  I bawled.  I felt like I had nothing left.  We sent it in to an expert company that does data recovery to see if they could salvage it.  Turns out they can....for only $2500.  Wonderful.  So, the option is there just not within our reach.  In a way it is liberating though.  I think if I was asked to give up every possession I could do it now.  All I need is my family.  My heart is filled with gratitude that I still have them.

We are also losing a few friends in the neighborhood because they are moving:(

 Tag's best friend Addi
These two adore each other.  Last week at church we sat behind them and Tag and Addi just shyly smiled at each other the whole time with out ever saying a word.  It was so cute.

 One of Tai's best friends Kylee.  Tai will miss the dance parties over at Kylee's!

Neighborhood friends are the best!