Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I think we are all in shock...

I think we are all in shock.  I predicted Obama would win (likely by fraud or is the majority of our country really this unaware or perhaps more rightly not God-fearing) , but I was really hoping Romney would pull it off. I can't believe we are really going to live through 4 more years.  Not that Romney would have saved or fixed everything but at least he would have given us a little more time to prepare.  I really like what Glenn is saying right now on the radio..."what is the country? It is not states on a map.  It is the constitution.  Your country is the constitution so don't give up on it.  We must concentrate on saving the constitution.  THE CONSTITUTION NOW AND FOREVER!"

Things in our country and in the world have been bad and they are going to continue to get worse but we are not of the world.  We can have peace within.  Let us grow stronger and stronger in faith and humility.  Let us take the Holy Spirit as our guide and build ZION in our hearts.  Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.  Let us put our trust in God and He will be our protection.  We are headed for some very trying times, but let us not be discouraged.  Let us trust in the Almighty and allow Him to refine us into the people he needs to usher in the coming of our Lord.  I believe the time is not far distant.  Let us prepare every needful thing.

Now you are really shock that I would actually write these things on my blog!

Some photos to lighten the mood a little: