Wednesday, September 3, 2014

What a summer-- 2014

What a summer!  We moved at the end of June from Provo to Pleasant Grove.  Now we have a backyard, FENCED backyard complete with playset and trampoline.  Too bad Truman still screams at the front door because he wants the freedom of the front, not the confines of the back.  During the move I don't think I sweat so much in my life.  I went through about 80 gatorades, Ok true number is probably 15.
 Then, a week later we drove to MEXICO.  My favorite place in the world.  And yes, I am pretty sure I will move there someday.  If not next year :)

 The old tire swing, off the beaten path.
 Of course, La Boof

 Thomas has sure grown this summer.
 Thomas P. with Thomas E.  I told you they look alike.
 Uncle Sky with Parker and Thomas.
 I was able to render this drawing of Truman in the car in my spare time.  One of my best yet.
 Park fun.

 "Rire urk"  Anticipating the Fire works at the owls game.  We now can't go outside at night without hearing a thousand times "Rire urk, Rire urk"
 Thomas' favorite place is nestled into Mark's armpit.
 Although Tai does not look happy at this moment (bad timing on the picture) it truly was the happiest moment I saw from her all year.  Christmas in August when my mom sent up clothes and shoes for school.
 Tag's first day of Kindergarden. He couldn't be cuter...
 Can this guy be any cuter??
 Free garage sell jacket.  Now he just needs a bow tie.
Just tonight. Sep 3rd.  Getting chubby...